Avid 4/20 Cookie Fest: “Freshly Baked!”

Apr 21, 2023

A celebration of local bakers and Cider Pairings

The first annual Avid Cider Cookie Fest was a massive success! From the bakers themselves, to the cookies they brought, the extra baked goods for sale, all of the amazing customers, and the team that helped put it together- we had so much fun and are confident that everyone who came enjoyed it too!

Thank you to everyone who came and supported out local bakers- your cookie entry fees go 100% back to the bakers for their time, effort, and food ingredients. Please always support local- they work so hard and make Bend such an amazing community.

If you attended and bought cider- you also helped support our Pint Night for Desert Sky Montessori School, which was held at the same time! They were the recipients of our Popcorn for the People donations as well- every time you put money in the popcorn donation box, you’re supporting a local organization!

We won’t beat around the bush- this was a contest, overall, and although it was just for fun, we watched people taking their voting very seriously! We at Avid also enjoyed the cookies and their cider pairings, and we understand how difficult those decisions were. Reading through the votes and tallying was a lot of fun.

The Results of the Cookie Competition!

So, without further dilly dallying…

(ALMOST) TOO PRETTY TO EAT! goes to…. Elevation Desserts, with their Vanilla Almond Sugar Cookies! Fun fact: owner Jessica’s son was in attendance, and it was his 5th birthday! So the sugar cookies were decorated with his beloved Nintendo characters. This cookie swept the category, but the other cookie people loved to look at before eating was the Kook’i Lemon Cherry Pistachio Pie Shortbread.

BEST 4/20 SNACK was such a close one, but the clear winner was So Dough’pe with The Munchies! We loved this on-theme cookie filled with m&m’s, chocolate chips, potato chips, and pretzels. Close behind this was a tie between So Dough’pe’s other cookie, S’mores, AND Chunk Bend’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie. A few voters noted that they don’t partake in the holiday, and that’s why we loved throwing this event- it is a fun and inclusive experience with a cheeky nod to the date.

MOST INVENTIVE is a fun category because some cookies are classically delicious, some are beautiful, some make your taste buds think- and some are just clever! The winner for the most Inventive cookie was Kook’i, with the Maple Bacon Shortbread Piggy! The flavors were spot-on. This writer’s first reaction was, “This is breakfast! In a cookie!” The second runner up was So Dough’pe with the S’mores cookie- not only was the chocolate on top AND inside, but the marshmallows on top were toasted.

MOST DECADENT was a cookie that was over-the-top, rich, flavorful, and almost sinful. This went to Kooki’s Lemon Cherry Pistachio Pie Shortbread! It was colorful, fruity, sweet, and fancy. Factoid: this was going to be a creme brûlée cookie, but was changed at the last minute due to supply issues- personally, we are happy it came out this way! The close runner up to this cookie was Elevation Desserts’ Golden Delish Caramel Snickerdoodle- also over-the-top!

I NEED THIS RECIPE Let’s be honest- we want all of the recipes. But with one cookie, it was a need, not a want. We’ll have to ask Chunk Bend if they will share, because their Oreo Chunk cookie took the cake with this one! They made it particularly interesting with a detectable salt note, which we’ll circle back around to when we discuss the cider pairings. The other cookie people want to recreate at home was Kook’i’s Lemon Cherry Pistachio Pie Shortbread.

And finally…. BEST OVERALL COOKIE! Come to Avid, eat all the cookies, drink all the cider, and one cookie stands out at the end- every cookie got some votes in this category, but the favorite out of them all was Elevation Dessert’s Golden Delish Caramel Snickerdoodle!! This cookie was the first to sell out. If you tragically missed the event, imagine this: a soft, chewy snickerdoodle cookie as large as your hand dripping with caramel sauce, with caramel also somehow magically infused into the middle of the cookie. AND get this- 6 cups of Avid’s Golden Delish Imperial cider was boiled down to a syrup, which was made into the caramel sauce! We may have tried a couple of spoonfuls of just that… it’s dangerous. The runner up for best overall was the also much-talked-about Kook’i Maple Bacon Piggy.

BUT WAIT- THERE’S MORE! We also wanted to celebrate the joy of pairing cider- after all, we are Avid CIDER lovers here. Cider is quite similar to wine in that flavors you taste are the product of not just a variety of fruit, but also the soil it’s grown in, the weather the year it was picked, the temperatures, the specific location, etc. Our ciders vary from year to year, and we especially love to experiment and create new, exceptional flavors to try. That said- we did our best to pair what we THOUGHT would go well with each cookie. Some of them were spot-on, and some were more interesting- and the voters chose some on their own too!

The top three cider/cookie pairings were:

  • Blueberry Pomegranate with Chunk’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk
  • Blackberry with Kook’i Maple Bacon Shortbread Piggy
  • Imperial Golden Delish with Golden Delish Caramel Snickerdoodle

Other faves were the Royal Apricot Imperial with Kook’i Lemon Cherry Pistachio Pie Shortbread, and Chunk Bend’s Oreo Chunk (this writer’s favorite- somehow one demanded an immediate sip/bite of the other).

We had many write-ins for the best pairings too, so people were getting critical and creative- which we love!

Honorable mention for best 4/20 snack was a few write-ins of: Popcorn

Huge, Enormous, Cookie-Loving Gratitude

Cookie Fest is now over, and hopefully your sugar high is, too. Our local bakers, for ease of reference when looking to support them for your cookie or baking needs, are:



Elevation Desserts

Chunk Bend

So Dough’pe Cookies


Thanks again, and we hope you will join us next year!




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